The Opportunity

The value of natural resource commodities and technology meets the crypto economy. Blockchain Holdings, Inc., will be offering XScrip™ Tokens to US accredited investors and non-US investors via Private Placement Memorandums in accordance with Regulation D, 506(c) and Regulation S.

This is a Ground Floor Investment

GBA is currently planning 4 Rounds of  Pre-Sales with adjusted price discounts at each Round of its “Smart Token”. Round 1 pricing will be the only round where the XScrip™ Token will be available at the discounted price of $0.50 with a minimum investment of $5,000. Pricing for Rounds 2 through 4 represent continued discounted pricing from the calculated Bancor Liquidity Protocol pricing.

Pioneering an emerging market opportunity: Economic Revenue-Backed Cryptocurrency. Global Blockchain Assets, utilizing the Ethereum blockchain platform and advanced Bancor trading features (Bancor Protocol White Paper), provides a unique opportunity with fast, secure, and no-cost cutting edge blockchain trading features.

Unlike other digital currencies that have no intrinsic value ("fiat currency") or have limited value, Global Blockchain Assets addresses these shortcomings by providing a floor in value. Our XScrip™ Smart Security Token is based on economic interests, dividends, and from production of commodities and technology commercialization. We have developed an offering platform and assembled the talent, advisors and management to deliver our solution to investors around the world.

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