The Assets

Digital securities backed by economic interest in oil, gas, fresh water production/waste water treatment and technology. Rooted in natural resources, advanced blockchain technology and cleantech technology, the assets behind XScrip™ Tokens provide a strong investment foundation.

Global Blockchain Assets

Global Blockchain Assets

The XScrip ™ Smart Security Token in a Blockchain-enabled digital environment, allows investors to receive the dual value proposition of its XScrip™ Token and underlying economic interests in oil, gas and patented clean energy and fresh water/waste water treatment technology. As revenue and the value of the underlying assets grow, so will the value of XScrip™ Smart Security Tokens. The parent company of Global Blockchain Assets, Blockchain Holdings, Inc. ("BHI"), has secured economic interests in strategic assets, which provide value from revenue and asset appreciation in support of Global Blockchain Asset's XScrip™ Smart Security Tokens. The management of Blockchain Holdings Inc., is committed to increasing the value of GBA’s XScrip™ Tokens and will continue to pursue additional investments that provide revenue growth and asset appreciation.

The current asset base and associated revenue backing the XScrip™ Smart Security Token include:
  • Majority of revenue from production of 1.04 billion barrels of hydrocarbon mineral resources under agreements with Independent Energy Partners, Inc.
  • License to utilize the patented  Geothermic Fuel Cell technology for recovery of unconventional hydrocarbons.
  • Majority of revenue from deployment of clean energy and fresh water production/waste water treatment applications under agreements with Cascata Energy, LLC.
  • License to utilize the non-hydrocarbon applications of patented Geothermic Fuel Cell technology.

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