I had an awesome opportunity last night to speak at Crypto Hinsdale as a guest of Boxbit, a local team doing a shipping coin. I ran into any number of friends from the old neighborhood including my former classmate at Fenwick & IU, Tony Biancalana (pictured here).

They asked to speak for 5 minutes on “Blockchain & Cryptos”, which reminded me of the old Woody Allen line. “I took a speed reading course, and read War and Peace in 20 minutes….It’s about Russia.”

My presentation boiled down to two main points: one, this financial and technological revolution is driven from outside the US – here we have a stable political system and legal system, a strong military, currency and economy. We don’t need Bitcoin. Other parts of the world aren’t as fortunate. Many countries lack all those of those attributes, frankly, and that’s why digital assets are gaining acceptance elsewhere.

At home, college and even high school students are buying cryptos, using wallets, picking coins and getting on the blockchain and crypto bus. The twin pillars of globalization and America’s youth movement are two forces impossible to ignore.

Tom Lee, the crypto prognosticator, put out a bullish Ethereum call yesterday and in the context of factors such as these it’s easy to see why.