Welcome to the investor portal! In order to participate in the GBA XScrip token sale, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Review Investor Documents
    — Complete the Investor Verification and Submittal Form
    — Complete and sign the Purchase Agreement/Investor Questionnaire
    — Submit documents to e-mail address provided
  2. Company will contact you with approval or for additional information needed, if any
  3. Proceed with investment

Investor Documents
Please review the documents available here:

Verify Investor Status
U.S. Investors can register for an account and verify your investor status as an accredited investor at: https://verifyinvestor.com/
Provide the certification number as requested on the Investor Verification Form. Alternatively, U.S. investors may use the Status Certification Letter (form provided in Investor Documents).

As GBA works to approve your investor request, please take this time to set up your crypto-wallet if you have not already done so. Your Ethereum crypto-wallet will need to support ERC20 tokens. A few options;

  • Digital Wallet. A highly recommended digital wallet is ‘myehterwallet’ which can be obtained at:   https://www.myetherwallet.com/   at no cost. You can also get a digital wallet set up for you at most digital exchanges. Coinbase is a very well known and respected exchange and is a recommendation for both setting up a digital trading account, along with creation of a digital wallet at:  https://www.coinbase.com/
  • Hardware Wallet. The preferred hardware wallet is the Nano Ledger S. It can be purchased directly from Ledger at:  https://www.ledger.com/
  • For convenience and security, it is suggested using the digital wallet for initial transfers, but storing your digital assets on a hardware wallet.
  • Custodial Services. As an alternative to obtaining a digital and/or hardware wallet, we will be introducing preferred providers for custodial services to transfer and hold digital assets. Please watch for updates on this or contact us for recommendations.
  • Wait for your approval from Global Blockchain Assets! As soon as your wallet is set up, we will be in touch with notice of approval. At this point, we will need your wallet address so we can send your XScrip Tokens directly to you.

For questions, support or help for filing out these forms, please contact us directly at:

Email: gsumihiro@bhi.holdings
General Info: Contact Us