Ravi Ramharak is in town from Edmonton so 4Rev’s Varun Sehgal, power-crypto attorney Olta Andoni, Esq. & I got together for lunch.

Ravi Ramharak has some kooky stories about cybersecurity, his area of expertise.

Yesterday a “Nepalese hacker” swiped $4 million of coins. Ravi talked some sense into him. “Dude, they’ll find you & you’ll go to jail.”

The hacker: “Maybe, but all I wanted to do is point out the flaw in their system so they could fix it.”

The result? The firm that got hacked got their $4 million in coins back – and hired the hacker as a consultant to the project.

“If the hackers were Ukrainian or Russian, they never would have gotten coins back – those guys are ruthless,” Ravi says.

This is a world I know nothing about. Ravi has been doing such stuff since high school. He believes as much as 20% of all BTC is already lost. This is a sum far higher than what is commonly believed. “The common perceptions are wrong,” he says. Ravi’s been mining BTC since 2013.

The global crypto network is filled with wonderful people. I hope when other folks come through town they reach out like Ravi Ramharak did. It’s so nice to meet people from around the world to hear their experiences, successes, failures,