Ernest Hemingway once lost a suitcase with all his writings in it – and carbon copies. He remarked later that some of his finest work was lost forever. My LinkedIn posts got lost for 24 hours, and while they’re not the stuff of Hemingway, I did spend a long time on some of them. But now, they’re back, and all is good.

Disagreements happen in work all the time. I’ve had a few. I think for me there is a “crossing of the Rubicon” moment when I decide – yeah, there is no going back now. The “bait and switch” is one tactic that people use to “game the system”. It’s dizzying. The walls are ever-shifting; agreements are good until the moment they’re not.

When people back out of deals and offer new explanations, this is a sign to me to hit the exits. Gossip is pernicious, evil.

People make mistakes and I have a tendency to be very forgiving. I’m not looking for perfection but mutual respect goes a long way. There’s a fine line between “Good to Great” and “Radical Transparency” – and bullying, deceit and dysfunction. The former is healthy; the latter is not for me.

The workforce is changing. With more of a gig economy, people are less beholden to “The Man”. Fundamental differences of approach can end business relationships in a blink of an eye. That may not always be such a bad thing.